My Plan

    In realizing that the typical budget for marketing homes is limited, I am offering this low budget introductory plan

  1. Photographs of your selected listing(s). I will meet you at your listed home(s) and take interior and exterior photographs as you direct. I will provide card to directly upload images to your laptop. Cost of this service is $25 for one one hour at your listed property.
  2. Individual portraits for your business card or other advertising. I will come to your office and take the photographs. Photographs will not be retouched and uploaded to your computer at site, but subject to your approval at time they are taken. Cost of Service is $15 per person, or $10 if four or more persons during the same visit. These photographs will require space outdoors in open shade.
  3. Attention Office Manager: Office Group photograph. I will meet you at an outdoor location (Your choice of classic listing, nearby park etc..) and photograph your staff and agents. Use this photo for office display, internet, brochures or other advertising of your office. Cost for this service is $25.
    Does your office have a display of agents photographs? If at least 10 agents from your office take advantage of my portrait offer listed above, I will include on same day, same location, take an office group photo for no additional charge. I can also provide professional quality prints of the individual and group display photos at my cost plus Texas sales/use tax.
    Additional Services I can offer

  1. Event or Award Ceremony Photos. I will attend the event and take photos of activities and award presentations. Images will be put on a USB drive with permission given for use and reproduction and distribution to participants. Cost is negotiable depending on time and location of event.
  2. Individual Office Awards and Agent Recognition photographs. Cost based on $25/hour
  3. Website Creation and Maintenance. I can assist you in the creation and/or maintenance of your office website. Call me at 210-859-5005 to discuss your needs. Cost is negotiable.

Note: photographs are the digital images which are downloaded to the agents computer on location. Display prints are at an additional but modest cost. Time over one hour will be prorated at $25/hour. Full rights to use all photographs as agent wishes will be conveyed. Prices are good for offices and listed properties within my home zip code of 75150. Out of area cost will be charged based on transportation costs (gas etc.). Texas Sales/Use Tax will be applicable to all charges.